Since Homo erectus mastered fire for the first time some 1 million years ago, we have felt save sitting by the fire,  surrounded by our tribe, our kin, our loved ones,  staring into his warm embrace and the fire stares right back, the fire provides heat and safety, shelter from the cold and a save haven from the harsh elements and the vicious beasts lurking nearby, still today, sitting by the fire with some friends, new or old, gives us a primal feeling of safety and belonging, and if you stare into the fire long enough the answers all emerge with ease.

Svanur Þór Bjarnason

Is an artist from Reykjavík, Iceland

Loves to play with fire

or water

or wind

Still feels an urge to compliment these elements with his strange creations like a true megalomaniac

Always up for mischief

You can find me at or call me up : 00354-8974758


To always have fun,  to always be true, to always be kind, to always aim for a  better world, one strange piece of art at a time, one smile at a time,  to create a feeling of belonging in all those who witness my creations, 


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